Wednesday, March 08, 2006

N&O columnist calls UNC attack terrorism

Rick Martinez writes in the News and Oberver this morning that last Friday's attack on UNC students by Mohammed Tehari-azar was an act of terrorism. Martinez writes that it is hard not to reach that conclusion:

Just because Taheri-azar is incompetent when it comes to killing people doesn't make him any less a cold-blooded terrorist. Nor does his rational smile, his polite manner, his bookish glasses or his deceivingly calm voice on the 911 call. That soft voice screamed his terrorist intentions, and they do not seem to be the ramblings of a crazy or deranged person. This is a man who is smart enough to have graduated in December from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Martinez also takes UNC Chancellor John Moeser to task for his reluctance to label Tehari-azar's actions as terrorism:

Yet the reluctance of UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor James Moeser to call the act and the man what they are is either political cowardice or yet another disturbing display of the special politically correct protection the Muslim faith enjoys at his campus.

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