Saturday, March 04, 2006

Predicting with the sky

I just walked the dog through Lake Daniel Park. If the sky in any way offers insight to the outcome of ACC hoops, it looks good for Carolina. However, the game is tonight. As a non-fan of both teams, I have to begrudingly admit that it's always a big game. Tonight though, is really a big game. The winner can lay claim to being the ACC's strongest squad. No matter what you want to happen, the accbasketblog has all the pre-game coverage you could care to peruse.

I do have a bone to pick with Birkel at the basketblog. Yesterday in expressing sympathy for the plight of my Deacs, he compared this season to the "Anthony Teachey- bad days" at WFU. Sympathize with, mock or ignore Wake in '06, but you can't compare this team to any Teachey played for during the early '80s. Very few players developed as impressively as Teachey over four years at Wake. Teach never played on a losing team during any of his four seasons. Along with Danny Young, Kenny Green and Delaney Rudd, he helped lead the Deacs to retire Ray Meyer at Depaul during the '84 big dance. (A freshman named Tyrone "Mugsy" Bogues only saw limited playing time on that team.) Teachey led the ACC in rebounding the same year, and if not the leader, he also finished near the top in field goal percentage. To top off a strong year, he made it to the final cut of an Olympic team that eventually fielded a couple of guys named Jordan and Barkley. I left Birkel a comment, but I've yet to receive satisfaction. He at least helped fire me up as I'll be in stands at the Joel this afternoon to watch Big E and Justin Gray play together one last time. Do it for yourselves and Teach guys.


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