Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The return of Chef and other South Park news

Trey Parker and Matt Stone will waste no time addressing the Isaac Hayes spat in the new season of South Park. Tomorrow night's season preimere will focus on the mysterious reappearance of Chef. A brief synopsis:

Details on the episode were scarce as of press time — Chef returns to town, but his erratic behavior worries Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny — though Comedy Central did confirm that contrary to previous reports, Hayes will provide the voice for Chef, however all his lines will be taken from previously recorded material.

I'll be waiting.

I also just read on Captain's Quarter that a charge is out that Isaac Hayes did not issue the statements attributed to him during his highly-publicized resignation from South Park. The article by Fox News' Roger Friedman uses an unnamed source saying that Hayes is still resting following a January stroke. The source went on to say that Hayes loved the show and appreciated the attention he got throught the Chef character at his own shows. Also, in an article published early this year, he defends the show as well as Parker and Stone. It looks like this story may not die.


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