Monday, March 06, 2006

Taheri-azar court appearance top story on Fox Report

Fox News led off its 7 o'clock newscast reporting on the first hearing of Mohammed Tehari-azar since his attack of UNC students with a Jeep Cherokee last Friday. A clip of one of Jonathon Serrie's reports can be seen here. An hour earlier, Brit Hume also had a segment of Serrie interviewing Orange County DA Jim Woodall about terrorism charges. Woodall seemed uneasy with the question and said he would leave the question of terrorism charges to others. Serrie also interviews a UNC College Republican who wants the university to recognize the event as an act of terrorism. Undoubtedly, you're likely to get a variety of student opinions on how to classify the event.

UNC's own Ranting Profs is not ready to call it terrorism, but sees the scales tipping in a particular direction.


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