Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Taiwan: Israel of the Asian Pacific

Proving that it won't be rolled over without a fight, Taiwan has developed its own smart weapons. According to Strategy Page, after losing access to certain US weapon systems, the Taiwanese developed their own version of a weapon capable of destroying Chinese anti-aircraft defenses:

Taiwan has been building their own version of the American JSOW (Joint Stand Off Weapon) Also called the AGM-154A, the Taiwanese version is called the Wan Chien. Taiwan recently made a very public announcement about Wan Chien, which was another way of sending a "don't attack us" message to China.

I like the name Wan Chien as much as I like the moxy of Taiwan. It reminds me very much of Israel. Much of the rest of the world wishes it would just go away and quit causing such angst for the Red Chinese, but the Taiwanese seem resolved to hold their hard-earned place in the world. They're not going to wait for the US to bail them out militarily. They would have a hard time beating China, but the Chinese would know they'd been in a fight. Long live Taiwan.


Blogger Joe Guarino said...

It would be good for us if things remained quiet over there. Maybe these weapons will help in that regard.

Anonymous glenn said...

I agree Joe. I believe the Chinese know any move on Taiwan would be quite costly even without US involvement. With all we have going on in the Middle East, it is good news that the Taiwanese are willing to arm themselves.


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