Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tehari-azar disappointed more targets weren't available

Today authorities released the search warrant used to comb through the Carrboro apartment of Mohammed Reza Tehari-azar, who faces nine counts of attempted murder for driving through students at UNC. According to the warrant, Tehari-azar had been contemplating some type of attack for two years to avenge US treatment of Muslims overseas. He also allegedly said he was disappointed there were not more people to hit with the Jeep Cherokee he rented for his attack.

As more information continues coming forth, a cold and methodical plan of attack shows through. This is the most difficult type or terrorism we face. It doesn't have to be hatched by a cell. A plan that calls for more than one person, can lead to loose lips and a treasure chest of leaks on which authorities may pounce. Tehari-azar was a one-man cell. If he is straight up about mulling this over for two years, there is no indication that anyone else knew about it. Nothing justifies the anarchic way Tehari-azar sought to defend his religious faith. For that alone, he deserves a stiff sentence that sends a message to anyone who wants to contemplate future lone wolf acts of terror in NC.