Friday, March 17, 2006

Wall to wall ball; better have your head on a swivel

A couple buddies and I checked out March Madness at JP Looney's last night. I love NFL Sunday at Looney's, but I'd never checked out the NCAA Tourney with my head on a swivel until last night. It left me nothing but impressed. I found it almost as much fun as football. Every game could be found on a tube somewhere in the building. The only glitch came when CBS switched away from the UNC-Wilimington/George Washington game and only came back after the GW comeback.

It was an interesting crowd. You got a good idea who had big bucks in a tourney pool and there were more pretty women than I expected to see, but it's hard not see them in Greensboro.

A big group of Xavier fans from the Cincinnati area sat to our left. It turns out that they've made a ritual of taking an annual trip to a first-round tourney site. This year they chose Greensboro. However, they had to take a break from the live action at the coliseum to catch the Xavier/Gonzaga game. They experienced the gut-wrenching frustration that comes with watching your team lead the entire game until the final minutes. The X just couldn't hold off head-banging Adam Morrison and the Zags. I don't know if the fact they watched the game on the big screen reserved for Pittsuburgh Steelers' games during the regular season generated any bad karma or not. Despite the tough loss, they were ready to head back to the coliseum and looked forward to taking in Greensboro for the rest of the weekend.

To our right sat three alums of Wichita State. They drove to town from Tampa without tickets. They scored tickets and got to see the Shockers rout Seton Hall. They plan to stick around and get lucky with tickets for the Tennessee game tomorrow. They had nothing but good things to say about Greensboro.

The end of the UNCW/GW game had the place hopping and I pulled for Wilmington as hard as I do for the Deacs. I hate the Seahawks lost, especially after building an 18-point lead. A Duke/UNCW matchup would have made tomorrow even better.

I give Looney's a big thumbs up for Big Dance viewing and, as always, for the wings. It also looks like Greensboro does too for being a great Tourney Town. I thought Tourney Town sounded cheesy at first, but I'd like to hear it every March.


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