Sunday, March 12, 2006

You got the mix Charlie, you got the mix, but love, it's a..

I know Mick Jagger sings "you got to mix it child, you got to fix it," but I used to think he paid tribute to drummer Charlie Watts in this line from "Bitch." Last month I posted on how I liked the Stones Super Bowl show even though I didn't hear much of it over the noise of the crowd. One of the reasons I liked it was the way Charlie Watts pounded the drums. I like to mix song runs and I like this one from the Stones. It kicks off with "You Gotta Move" and "Bitch." I don't like "You Gotta Move" on its own, but a buddy of mine talked me into leaving it on because it leads into "Bitch" on Sticky Fingers. It's a good contrast. The stoned out blues cover leads into the pulsating butt kicker. Follow it with a live cover of Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone," from the Stripped LP. There's a good harmonica solo by Mick and Chuck Leavell is cooking on the organ. Finish it off with "Jigsaw Puzzle" from Beggar's Banquet. I've read it's the only autobiographical song written by the band. I know for sure you hear Mick sing the word "shattered" as he refers to Charlie in this one.


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