Wednesday, March 01, 2006

You might as well call ugly, ugly

The Danish manifesto signed by Salmaan Rushdie and others isn't the only sign that free-thinking secular Muslims are willing to stand their ground.

The Agora blog reprints a letter signed by 11 Canadian Muslims yesterday calling for the West to stand up for freedom and against the forces of fear:

A curtain of fear has descended on the intelligentsia of the West, including Canada. The fear of being misunderstood as Islamophobic has sealed their lips, dried their pens and locked their keyboards...With hundreds dead around the world in the aftermath of the now infamous Danish cartoons, Canada’s writers, politicians and media have imposed a frightening censorship on themselves, refusing to speak their minds, thus ensuring that the only voices being heard are that of the Muslim extremists and the racist right.

Also, a commenter on a post I did last night left me a link to an al-Jazeera interview last week with Arab-American psychologist Wafa Sultan. During a televised debate with a Muslim cleric, who is not identified in this particular clip, Sultan claims that what the world faces today is not a clash of civilizations, but among other things, a clash between the Middle Ages and the 21st Century. She blames the antagonism on the teachings of Islam. Claiming she is not a Muslim, but a secular person who does not believe in the supernatural, she showed respect for other religions. She maintained that Jews "forced the world to respect them through their knowledge, not terror." After reaching the Memri page, scroll down to # 1050 to view the entire clip.

This is what the world needs to hear. You cannot stand by and expect those who want through whatever means necessary to impose their views on others to respect your passivity. It only has the opposite effect.


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