Sunday, April 23, 2006

Alice Cooper talks about Christian faith and rock and roll

Alice Cooper rocks on as a Christian. Though he rarely discusses it, Cooper has been a practicing Christian since the '80s. He turned to the faith to deal with his alcoholism. Continuing his trademark bizarre rock act raises the ire of some Christians, but it has not dampened his enthusiasm for his faith or act. He also addresses Marilyn Manson and believes the world is in the midst of a spiritual reawakening. Here's his summary of his journey:

"I used to celebrate moral decay, the decadence of it," he admitted in the interview. "I can look back on what I did then and what I'm doing now and they're two different things. But at the time I was the poster boy for moral decay, you know. So yeah, I've got a lot to be forgiven for ... out of ignorance, I thought I was doing the right thing. I was totally in agreement that every guy should sleep with every girl and drink as much as they can. I don't believe that now. I don't believe in it, because I see how destructive it is."

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