Thursday, April 13, 2006

Barnett: try to see Barnes, Calipari rejections as liberating

Ned Barnett at the N&O writes that rejections by Rick Barnes and John Calipari now frees NC State to bring in an up and coming coach:

Now State is free to take a better course. It can hire someone who is young, promising and intent on making a name instead of being one.

To those Pack fans who want a return to the stature of coaches past:

Now it's time, they say, for a coach with the spark and the recruiting connections to electrify State basketball like it was in the days of Jim Valvano, Norm Sloan and Everett Case.
But those coaches became famous college coaches at State. They didn't bring fame with them.

Though I'm not a State fan, I would have loved seeing Barnes or Calipari in the ACC. State made the attempt, but couldn't pull it off. State can still hire a great coach, but may have to be willing and patient enough to see that greatness grow over time. It's a gamble, but looks like the more realistic course to follow.


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