Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Billy Joel concerto to debut at EMF

This sounds like good news. A Billy Joel concerto will debut at the Eastern Muscial Festival this summer. I haven't kept up with Joel in many years, but I've always respected his work. The height of my interest in Joel came with "The Stranger" and "52nd Street." I'm sure he's made a little money here in the past and Greensboro should be as good a place as any to unveil some new work.


Anonymous Ed Cone said...

It's more than "as good a place as any" -- he is connected to Greensboro and EMF via conductor Stuart Malina, who ran the Greensboro symphony for many years who orchestrated Joel's Broadway show. Malina will conduct the EMF concert.

Blogger Glenn said...

You always got your money's worth when Billy Joel came to town. The connection is a warm one.


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