Saturday, April 08, 2006

Blue Jersey

Steven Malanga pens a lengthy piece chronicling the tax woes of New Jersey and the resulting overall woe they have created. Malanga points to powerful public employee unions as the culprit behind the Garden State's fall as the Valhalla of American suburbia, which may be chronic:

In short, it may be that New Jersey, having for years enthusiastically welcomed New York’s residents and jobs, is now watching the Empire State take a measure of revenge as its neighbor settles into a familiar high-tax, low-growth inertia. Jersey has caught a bad case of the blue-state blues.

Some great history, which always sucks me in. Malanga mentions the crime family that inspired the Sopranos. Great read here.


Blogger Joe Guarino said...

I would estimate North Carolina's metro areas are where New Jersey was, say, several decades ago. Real estate taxes tended to be high in Jersey then, but other types of taxes were often lower than in New York.

We are making some bad choices in North Carolina-- and these type of choices tend to become self-proliferating. Our sales and income taxes are already relatively high, and real estate taxes are climbing reliably upward.

Anonymous glenn said...

Thanks for the perspective Joe. I didn't think much about NC cities when reading the article. You can only tax property owners so much before they move on somewhere else. I can see a similar crisis coming in NC if we don't become more flexible in how we dispense public education. One sign of hope is that public workers unions would face more of a fight in NC if they tried to milk the budget as much as they've apparently done in NJ.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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