Saturday, April 22, 2006

The CIA leaker and prison time

Will Collier writes that former CIA employee Mary McCarthy deserves prison time for leaking information about secret prisons for terror suspects to the media. Collier, who has a security clearance, points out that periodically he must sign legal papers affirming that he will not leak classified material, summing it up with this hypothetical:

Now, let's just suppose that during the last election, I had taken it upon myself to go and leak classified information about the F-22 fighter to, say, Bill Gertz at the Washington Times, in the hopes that such information would bolster the campaign of George W. Bush. Or what if I'd leaked that information before last year's budget was finalized, trying to get a competitive advantage over rival aircraft? (There are no rival aircraft when the F-22 is in the air, but that's beside the point.) Or what if I just did it to make myself look and feel cool?
I'll tell you what would happen. I'd be fired, and then I'd be locked up, and I'd deserve it.

Collier will get no argument from me. As more time passes, it is apparent that many in the CIA consider the president of the United States a bigger enemy than the ones we fight overseas.


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