Friday, April 07, 2006

Coyotes on the prowl in NC

State wildlife experts say that coyotes may be found in all 100 NC counties. No one is sure how they made their way to the state, but some officials believe they may have been introduced by fox hunters who used them for practice.

While many city dwellers may have been charmed by the late Hal, the coyote caught in Central Park last month, these critters are not loveable. Just ask Harnett County cattle farmer Ted Gardner who has lost 30 calves over the last two years to coyotes. Gardner has taken matters into his own hands and now traps the elusive hunters. Also, watch out for your cats which seem to be a tasty item on the menu.


Anonymous David Boyd said...

I've got them around my house. Saw the first one about six months ago. Thought it was a dog at first.

Anonymous Brent said...

We used to get packs of wild dogs in Stuart. I hate to say that I've had to take a few out with a 30-30. They would kill calves, which would cause problems with nursing cows. They would also injure older cows before they could be sent to market.

I can remember when I was about 13 coming in from the field a little before dusk, looking across the front field into the sunset and seeing about 20 dogs in the distance. They had already gotten one calf from us and two from the neighboring farm. You could never get close enough to catch them or often shoot them. I grabbed the 30-30 from the rifle rack in the truck, which was parked in the driveway. I ran up to the barbed wire fence and took 8 shots across the field. I saw 2 dogs fall and the rest disburse.

I went out to the field the next morning to find two mostly eaten carcasses of those two dogs. It was pretty gruesome, but I will say that it teaches you a lesson about these predators.

Anonymous glenn said...

Keep an eye out David.

Impressed with the marksmanship Brent. I'm glad dogs made the instinctual decision ions ago to submit to domestication. Canines have teeth made for ripping flesh.


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