Sunday, April 30, 2006

Educators defeat law enforcement

Make it two in a row for the Western Rockingham Middle School faculty against local law enforcement. That's two in a row on the hard court. For the last two years, the faculty and staff at my school have played Rockingham County law enforcement officers in a benefit for Special Olympics and we've managed to come out on top both times.

Last year, we had true ringers. This year we needed a little help, but it was necessary to get enough bodies on the floor. We staked the officers to an 18-0 lead, but managed to trim it to 12 by the half. We ended up winning by 6. What we may have lacked in talent was overcome by the fact that we put 6 current and former coaches on the floor. The proper adjustments were made throughout the game. It would be immodest to say I made a modest contribution. My only shot found nothing but air. However, I banged around with their big guys and got back on defense consistently. I'm not as sore as expected today, but it's making a good excuse to take it easy.


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