Thursday, April 13, 2006

GOP legislative civil war takes another turn

Found via NC Rumors, Republican Rep. Richard Morgan has asked the State Board of Elections to investigate independent committees formed to defeat him and his allies in next month's primary election. The groups are tied to former GOP legislator Art Pope and have raised money through corporate donations to target Morgan and five of his allies for defeat on May 2. Morgan contends the contributions are illegal and wants the BOE to halt the broadcast of ads targeting him and his allies.

I've never liked Morgan's cozy relationship with House Speaker Jim Black. I wouldn't have a problem with him working with Black to move legislation. However, I have strong objections to his cutting deals to gain power. Also, I found his past defense of his moves condescending, taking the tone that he was only trying to save the GOP from itself. When you make controversial moves such as Morgan, you and your supporters should not be surprised by opposition, expecially if you alienate opponents with the ability to raise money.


Blogger Joe Guarino said...

I agree. What do Republicans (and the rest of the state, for that matter) have to show for Morgan's use of his standing?

Blogger Glenn said...

Morgan's moves have always seemed to benefit him more than anyone else. That usually comes back around to bite you in politics.


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