Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Jackson Browne: for me it all stopped with Running on Empty

I recently downloaded a couple of tunes from Jackson Browne's "Running on Empty," the title cut and "You Love the Thunder." In high school, I bought the vinyl soon after release and it quickly became a favorite. A bold concept too, releasing all new material on a live album. A performance so tight and clean, you wouldn't know he recorded it live until you heard the applause.

A casual Browne fan before the album, I expected to be hooked. For whatever reason, his later material never inspired to go the record store. Still, I never tire of listening to "Running on Empty." David Lindley's lap steel playing is matchless. Every tune is about some aspect of being on the road with the rock and roll tour. Songs about riding the bus and even more nefarious topics as evidenced by "Cocaine," not the Clapton version, and "Rosie." (Scroll down the link to read the lyrics.) Never have caught Browne's live act, the recorded version will have to do, which is fine by me.


Anonymous Ed Cone said...

Me, too. His post RoE stuff just didn't grab me.

I saw him on the RoE tour at the Coliseum. One of the best concerts I've attended.

Blogger Glenn said...

I have a buddy who saw the tour, probably the same show you did. He was nothing but impressed.


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