Monday, April 17, 2006

Pull the stuffing out of those cushy congressional districts with a pitchfork

On Slate today, Washington Post reporter Juliet Eilperin proposes a solution to our current incumbent-friendly Congressional redistricting process. Well, she more or less touts the plan of election attorney Sam Hirsch, who envisions a commission with a non-partisan "resdistricting dictator" who would block the maneuvering of the politicians to draw new congressional distrcits.

While Eilpern would find me a kindred spirit on the idea of exploding today's gerrymandered districts, I don't think we can count on the wonks to carry the day. They can devise a good plan, but it will be up to the people to change things. I don't see this as hopeless. The debate over illegal immigration shows a great deal of disconnect between the political elites and the populace. Many of the former may come to realize that rarely challenged politicians feel little compunction at ignoring the wishes of constituients.


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