Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Washington gas attack

David Boyd has some interesting thoughts on Republicans braying like jackasses over the most recent spiral of gasoline prices. I'm sure a smirk passes across my face anytime I hear politicians of both parties speaking boldly of bringing oil companies to their knees in atonement for sticking it to the little guy. While Sen. Robert Menendez's proposal to suspend the federal gas tax may sound good to the man on the street, who do you think will end up paying for the tax breaks the plan would take away from oil companies? Give me a break. Anything the politicians might do will only lead to two things, we either pay the price at the pump eventually or we really do see a tightening supply of the black gold.

We've got oil here. It's not as simple as opening up shop at ANWR and other places, but it can be done cleanly and it's hard to see why we don't tap our own underground reserves. At the same time, I'm all for finding alternatives. The only way alternatives will capture the imaginations of consumers though is if an alternative engine can be developed to run as powerfully as the gas burner. I'm sorry. I can't go for flooring it just to get up to the speed limit on the highway. However, I'm optimistic that it can be done. In the meantime, peanut butter crackers along with chips and salsa taste like delicacies to me.


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