Monday, April 17, 2006

Will a fortnight pass quickly enough for Nifong?

It looks like the May 2 primary for Durham County DA can't get here fast enough for Mike Nifong. He's got two sealed indictments, but no one is talking about who or what charges the Manila envelope contains.

I found interesting a Nifong quote published by the News and Observer as all awaited a decision. After Nifong entered a restroom, a throng of reporters stood poised at the door awaiting the flush. The DA emerged with this to say:

"I no longer get to go anywhere in my community without people knowing who I am," Nifong said. "I wish you could find me a way to give me my anonymity back."

It's hard not to suspect Nifong of disingenuousness. Just last week after getting nothing in the way of DNA evidence, he asked at the last minute for a seat on a forum discussing the case at NC Central. A week later he speaks in the spirit of Garbo. It looks like the primary looms large in how Nifong has handled the matter. Both of his opponents, Freda Black and Keith Bishop, are criticizing the incumbent for his tactics. Nifong has mounted a tiger. Will he fall off in two weeks?

BTW: Black helped successfully prosecute Michael Peterson in Durham's last nationally-famous court case.


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