Wednesday, May 17, 2006

At least they have good medical care

Carlos Alberto Montaner writes that the persecution and humilition suffered by Cuban human rights advocates trickles down from the top. Montaner maintains that Fidel Castro issues the orders that result in beatings and other mistreatment of those who criticize his rule:

It is not a question of isolated acts perpetrated by sadistic characters. It's a carefully thought-out plan. Inside the prisons, the guards have been instructed to kick political prisoners mercilessly and to let them die if they fall ill, as is happening to Héctor Maseda, Héctor Palacios, Oscar Elías Biscet and a dozen other democrats incarcerated for writing articles, lending forbidden books, asking for a referendum or distributing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Montaner contends that this approach stems from Castro's take on the world around him:

This barbarousness derives from Fidel Castro's psychological nature and his upbringing while young. Castro is a corpulent and aggressive fellow who constantly needs to prove to himself and to the world that nobody can challenge him with impunity on any grounds. As a teenager in school, he bet that he could run headlong into a wall. He did so, and the concussion kept him in bed for four days. Later, at the university, he grew up in an extremely violent environment, where leadership was imposed through the physical elimination of adversaries or by total intimidation.

The Cuban people deserve a break. Read it all.


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