Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Better hide the matches

A GOP-proposed $100 rebate to Americans in attempt to ease the discomfort of rising gasoline prices appears headed for nowhere. Thank goodness. I'm still sizing up new Republican House leader John Boehner, but he gets props from me for his blunt dismissal of the rebate idea:

"I don't like the proposal. And over the weekend I heard back from my constituents. They thought it was stupid," said Boehner, an Ohio Republican.

Repub senators hatched the rebate scheme. No wonder the pundits ponder how long a GOP majority may survive. The Democrats schemes are no better. Neither party seems to want to give up grandstanding and get down to the business of developing a realistic energy policy. I say drill more here, and at the same time, start serious work into finding alternatives. I'm sure I ask for too much.


Anonymous Brent said...

i only favor money back when we levy a wind fall tax on the oil companies. They are breaking the back of America.

Blogger Glenn said...

The politicians are just as big a problem as the oil companies. They live off the taxes they impose on energy and shut off any opportunities to tap our own supplies.

Blogger sam's notes said...

I'm just getting tire of everything being politicized. And who's doing it?

Blogger Glenn said...

The best thing the politicians can do is shut up and develop a sensible energy policy. I guess they find too easy to stir up angst and try to capitalize on it for votes. Great leadership.


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