Monday, May 08, 2006

Democrats get the big money in Raleigh

In part two of its series on money and the North Carolina General Assembly, the News and Observer shines the light on the Democratic money-making machine in Raleigh. Senate Pro Tem Marc Basnight and House Speaker Jim Black can get big bucks to candidates who gain their favor. Basnight poured last minute money into a western NC senate campaign and extricated a Republican from a safe senate seat. Black spends several nights a week on the road raising money. GOP turncoat Richard Morgan poured out the gravy in buckets too:

In a recent budget, Black, Basnight and Richard Morgan, who was co-speaker of the House, placed nearly $14 million in reserve accounts and then gave the money to nonprofits and governmental agencies in favored lawmakers' districts.

While it's easy to take potshots at the Dems in NC, this is a power thing, not a party thing. Just makes it that more painful to realize these guys have their hands on $2 billion in surplus revenue.


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