Monday, May 01, 2006

East African Taliban, snoring Chinese soldiers and Camp Euro Gitmo

I came across some interesting blurbs on Strategy Page today.

From Somalia, the US Defense Department is torn on whether to support warlords who oppose Islamic courts which have gained popularity for their ability to rein in some of the anarchy that has consumed the country since the withdrawl of UN peacekeepers in the mid 1990s. Like the Taliban in post-Soviet Afghanistan, Islamic courts are bringing the rabble to justice. The problem is their support of terrorism and the imposition of Shari'a law. Some in the Defense Department are worried that opposing the courts will portray an image of a war on Islam.

In China, new armed services recruits face rejection for snoring. Strategy Page concludes the plan makes sense for China and should promote better morale among troops.

Finally, from Europe, an average of about two dozen arrests of suspects with terrorist ties take place weekly. They're getting convictions, and when they don't, they're holding suspects for extended periods of time without specific charge. Damn that influence of American culture.


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