Monday, May 15, 2006

Florida's killer gators gain worldwide attention

Authorities in Florida have confirmed two deaths by alligator, while they await a coroner's report on whether a killer gator was the primary cause of a third death. I've noticed a difference in the headlines between American and foreign outlets in reporting the death.

Here's a a few samples from overseas:

"Florida in fear as alligators go on killing spree" The Telegraph

"Shadow over sunshine state as three women killed in a week" The Guardian

"Gator rampage kills three" Melobourne Sun Herald

"Florida witnesses wave of alligator attacks" Xinhua

The headlines in the states seem a bit more blase:

"2 More Fatal Fla. Gator Attacks Reported" ABC, WaPo and San Jose Mercury News (They all use the same AP story)

Maybe death by wild animal sounds more exotic the further you reside from the story. It did find the foreign reports more informative.


Blogger sam's notes said...

Nice roundup. The attacks certainly caught my attention.

Blogger Glenn said...

It has to be a horrible way to go. I thought the foreign stories were much better reported than the ones here. I'm for a revival of alligator skin fashion.


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