Sunday, May 07, 2006

Goss; Negroponte's preliminary match?

Michael Duffy of Time gives a detailed account of Porter Goss's downfall at Centeral Intelligence. A power struggle between Goss and national intelligence director John Negorponte and the presumptive nominee to head the CIA General Michael Hayden. Duffy's article points out how Negroponte and Hayden had already begun chipping away at Goss's turf:

In April Hayden let it be known that his office would be taking over the critical job of terrorism analysis--connecting the dots in all the raw data gathered on terrorists--a role the CIA had jealously guarded for decades. In an unusual public speech, Hayden likened the CIA's slow-to-change attitude about roles and missions to "crowding the ball."

According to Duffy, Goss's many shortcomings as an administrator left him little leverage in the fight agaisnt Negroponte and Hayden.

However, it's Duffy's concluding paragraph that raised my eyebrows:

Goss's departure means Negroponte's next test will be facing down the Pentagon, which has steadily been gathering clout in intelligence since the war on terrorism began. Everyone knows that battle will make the tug of war with the CIA look like a warm-up, if only because Rumsfeld's skills as an infighter are unsurpassed. But Negroponte will at least have an ally in Michael Hayden at the CIA.

For all those anxious for Rumsfeld's departure, a loss on this front would likely bring it. An interesting struggle during interesting times.

BTW: I don't quite know what to make of Negroponte photo.


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