Friday, May 12, 2006

Love riding the bandwagon

I don't know much about hockey, but I'm glad to be riding the Carolina Hurricanes bandwagon. I've been wanting to write about the Canes for awhile, but hesitated because on the opening day of the playoffs I announced I'd jumped on Carolina's coatttails. They were spanked by Montreal that night. They quickly bounced back and I observed several things that I thought would make a good blog posts, but I hesistated. Since they don't play tonight, maybe I can get away with it without hexing anything.

The N&O has a good profile on 21-year old hotshot Eric Staal, Carolina's leading scorer. He's certainly earned the respect of current team leader Rod Brind'Amour:

If he was playing in New York right now, he'd be a superstar.

Even though I hardly ever see the puck, I do hear Staal's name called all the time. I got to watch the third period and overtime of Game 2 against New Jersey. No one scored for most of the period, but the play was intense. Jersey scored a long goal with just over 20 seconds and it looked bad, but the Canes pulled the goalie and Staal scored the tying goal with three seconds left. Carolina went on to win in OT. Sweet win. I'm going to enjoy the ride because you never know how long these things will last.


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