Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Man's best friend indeed

A 9-year old boy whose family moved to Colorado after being displaced by Hurricane Katrina was saved from a rushing river by a yellow Lab named Zion. The boy, Ryan Rambo, fell off a raft into the Roaring Fork River Sunday. Chelsea Bennett, 13, Zion's owner, describes the rescue:

"A little boy was going down in his life jacket," she said Monday. "He was screaming for help."

Zion jumped into the river and swam toward Ryan, Bennett said. "He grabbed onto my dog, and my dog brought him into shore," she said, adding that she helped Ryan climb onto the bank.

"I asked what was wrong. He was really cold, and he told me he was with one other person, which was a male adult."

Dogs are the most wonderful creatures ever created. You can tell that to your cat. While your at it, email the story to Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Hasani. I'm sure he'd love reading about the heroic deed of a Lab named Zion.

The hounds beat gators and bears too.

Those western rivers are an awesome sight to behold, but they don't play. They're ice-cold too, nothing but melted snow.

Update: Just found out that the link on Ryan Rambo and Zion requires registration. Here's a post on the rescue from today's Rocky Mountain News.


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