Saturday, May 13, 2006

Musings on the Chris Daughtry vote

I've never watched a single episode of American Idol, but I find the reaction to the rejection of Chris Daughtry spellbiniding. While not a viewer, I know the Idol details because I listen to Rock 92 on the drive to work and they're all over the results the next morning. I knew in the opinion of many that Daughtry had emerged as the most talented of this year's crop. I never expected what came after his loss.

At school Thursday morning after returning to my homeroom from hall monitoring, I found a perfectly quiet classroom. I was quite pleased that the mice hadn't played while the cat was away. The situation soon changed.

A girl asked almost immediately, "Mr. Jordan, did you watch American Idol last night?"

I couldn't even get the word "no" spoken.

She said, "Can you believe Chris lost? That wasn't right."

An electric-like buzz ran through the whole room. I think every kid started talking at once. Later while monitoring class change in front of the school, I heard a couple clatches of kids walking by and the topic was Chris Daughtry. It continues while listening to the radio and reading the web, the theories abound as to why Daughtry lost. Not all the locals were Daughtry fans either.

What to make of it all?

Losing can't be all bad for Daughtry. It looks like it's his call on becoming the lead singer for Fuel.

The Daughtry shockwaves were not limited to his homeland. Read here, here and here.

Lest you think it's only us rustic NC types who celebrate our latest Idol celebrity, check out the reaction to Katherine McPhee, the immediate benefeciary of the Daughtry stunner, as she visited her old high school in Los Angeles. Even LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa joined the fun.

Finally, via Poli Pundit, John Podhoretz compares the Daughtry loss to a presidential primary. Podhoretz contends Daughtry's appeal was too narrow to gain enough support among voters who lost their favorite contestetants in previous weeks.

There it is. One of my longest posts ever and it's dedicated to a television show I've never watched. Will I watch in the future? I've no idea. You do have to hand to the show, it's on to something successful. It's woven itself into the fabric of our culture.

Update: I'm not registered with the NY Post, but I was able to read the entire Podhoretz article the first time I hit the Polipundit link. If you want to read it all. Try that.

Update II: Need to clarify my Fuel line. It looks like it's Daughtry call on mulling the offer from Fuel. Nothing seems concrete on either side.


Blogger tinkerfaerie said...

Well that's what happens when you ask non-professional to vote. They vote for their favorites and not who's really good. But whatever. I just find him to be hot. LOL.


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