Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Must've been one helluva pooch

Oregon's Raymond Weaver may find himself in civil court for running over his neighbor's dog. The neighbor, Mark Greenup, is seeking $1.6 million from Weaver in a loss of companionship claim. Weaver hit the elderly dog, Grizz, 13, two years ago. Greenup's contention:

Greenup, whose claim is usually reserved for the loss of a spouse, says the dog provided each member of his family with solace, affection, friendship, love and protection.

My advice to Greenup; get another dog. Growing up, we may have had leash laws, but they weren't enforced. Neighbors running over neighbor's dog didn't send shockwaves through the community. We had a dog that decided to take a nap behind the neighbor's car. I'll write it off as a case of bad timing, no lawsuit though. Is there a statute of limitations on these type things?

Update: A judge has ruled that dogs are personal property, snuffing out the loss of companionship suit. Weaver isn't off the hook though. He apparently ran over Grizz intentionally. He'll have to pay something. The whole thing sounds too bad.


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