Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Primary news; Richard Morgan falls

Richard Morgan will have to find a new way to save the NC GOP from itself. Losing to a candidate backed by the state party, Morgan will not return to Raleigh for a ninth term. Joe Boylan defeated Morgan by a 52-48 percent count.

I don't have a problem with Morgan trying to steer the GOP in a direction he believes is best for the party. However, I have a big problem when he cuts a deal with the majority party and uses that power to punish his intra-party opponents. While NC Republicans have plenty of problems aside from Morgan, his actions only served to keep the party disunited. He received a well-earned defeat.


Blogger Joe Guarino said...

It is difficult to believe it happened. John Blust presumably is not unhappy.

Blogger Glenn said...

Joe, I'm sure you're right about Blust. Do you happen to know if he's related to the Blust who won a Senate primary against one of the Repubs who missed the lottery vote?

Blogger Joe Guarino said...

I do not know. I wondered the same thing when I saw the name-- which is not a terribly common one.


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