Monday, May 08, 2006

Stone rolls out of tree into brain surgery

It looks like brain surgery on the Rolling Stones' Keith Richards went well today in New Zealand. Richards lost his grip while climbing a coconut tree with Ron Wood. Initial reports said Richards suffered a mild concussion. After Richards complained of headaches, doctors discovered a clot on his brain, which does not automatically lead to surgery. However, factoring in Richards's age, 62, and his lifestyle, doctors decided to drain the clot. No confirmation on whether he remains hospitalized or has already been discharged.

It doesn't look like the fall changed Keith, at least just before the surgery:

His wife, Patti Hansen, flew to Auckland and has been by his side since. According to The Sun, she smuggled miniature bottles of vodka into hospital for him. The paper had previously reported that Richards gave up drinking and smoking after the fall.

I remember seeing "Gimme Shelter" in the early '80s while a student at Appalachian State. The scene I remember most is the band in Muscle Shoals cutting up to a recording of "Honky Tonk Women." Keith turns up a fifth of Jack Daniels and starts chugging it like a beer. Now he's 62 and apparently survived falling out of a coconut tree and a subsequent brain surgery. What a constitution. I hope he keeps the run going, but I suspect he should give up coconut gathering, off the ground anyway.


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