Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Time for a full-time GA?

The News and Observer concludes its three-part series on the NC General Assembly and money by looking at the problems ordinary citizens face when trying to serve in the elective body. The business of the General Assembly requires a great deal of time. Legislators depending on full-time jobs to keep the bills paid find it extremely difficult to find the time hang on to their posts. However, don't look for a change to a full-time legislature any time soon:

Yet few members or observers of the legislature expect an overhaul.

"The General Assembly is like a ship; it will take the will of the body to turn it," said (Malcolm)Graham, the Charlotte senator. "It needs to change. But a lot of the retired guys like it like it is."

Reflexively, I'm against paying full-time wages to NC legislators. On the other hand, I read this Thomas Sowell column late last year that proposed paying members of Congress $1 million a year. He claims it will bring more people with real-world experience to Washington. Of course, we couldn't pay that much for reps in NC, but I like it better than the current system. On a third hand, if I had one, I don't mind the other extreme either. Limit sessions to about a month and get them out of town. I guess I don't know what I really want.


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