Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Will the spirit of R. Milhouse Nixon visit in '08?

The readers at Daily Kos may have their sights set on a Tennessee stud. Al Gore has received 68% of the vote at an ongoing poll at the web site. Russ Feingold runs second with a meager 15%. Hillary doesn't even register 1%. Just under 11,000 votes have been cast so far.

I love getting a laugh at the expense of Gore. Like the time the all the hair product started running down his face as he gave a frothing at the mouth speech under hot stage lights a couple of years ago. However, I take him seriously as a presidential candidate. He has proven he can win votes, a lot of them. You have to pay attention to that.

Guarino has a good post on Gore's prospects here.


Anonymous bubba said...

I have to think some ballot stuffing is going on at Kos. algore is a longshot in light of the commitments Hillary has already lined up.

Blogger Glenn said...

Bubba, you're right about it being Hillary's to lose. It would be entertaining though to watch a Clinton v. Gore showdown as we move through '08.


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