Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Asheville manager discusses tirade

The Citizen-Times posted a couple of stories today on Asheville Tourists manager Joe Mikulic's antics after being tossed out of a game in Lexington, KY Sunday night. The second story contains all types of video links, including the managers performance. Mikulik's side show was all over ESPN yesterday and other national media wanted a word with the manager. However, the Tourists' parent club, the Colorado Rockies, put the nix on the interviews:

After spending much of Monday morning either conducting interviews or lining up plans for talking to the media, Mikulik was somewhat silenced by the Rockies, the Tourists’ parent club and Mikulik’s employer.

Rockies officials told Mikulik to stop talking to the national media.
That canceled plans for Mikulik, a Candler resident, to do live interviews this morning with

Good Morning America, MSNBC and Inside Edition.

“It takes me 23 years to get on (ESPN’s) SportsCenter, and this is how I do it,” he said with a subdued smile.

I got a kick out of Mikulik's show. Decide for yourself how he stacks up against this crew:

Most Times Ejected, Manager, All-Time
1. John McGraw... 131
2. Leo Durocher... 124
3. Bobby Cox... 117
4.Earl Weaver... 98
5.Frankie Frisch... 86
6. Paul Richards... 80
7. Tony LaRussa... 73
8. Lou Piniella...71
9. Clark Griffith... 67
10. Bill Dahlen... 65
11. Joe Torre... 64

The list is from 2004. Cox is still gaining ground on McGraw and Durocher.


Blogger sam's notes said...

Talk about a record of longevity.....Will it ever be broken?

Blogger sam's notes said...

PS- Who's missing from the list- Sparky Anderson....Billy Martin... Casey Stengel....Connie Mack- I guess it was tough to argue with an umpire wearing a high-collar shirt and tie

Blogger Glenn said...

Connie Mack managing in the suit is classic. It's hard to believe Martin's not in the top eleven. I'd never guess that Torre tops Martin. Then again, Torre has a much steadier work record than Martin.


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