Saturday, June 10, 2006

I'll see that bet

My post earlier this week on Rudy Giuliani's '08 presidential prospects led Ed Cone to question my skills as a political forecaster. I'll see the bet. I'll go for it despite Charlie Cook, a good pollster, conceding a chunk of Giuliani's support to John McCain from a recent poll he conducted. Cook doesn't think Giuliani will run. I may prove prescient or continue toiling along in obscurity as a political pundit.


Blogger Joe Guarino said...

Glenn, an article I had seen this week suggested the opposite of what Cook is reporting-- that a Gallup poll shows Giuliani ahead of McCain.

And from what I understand, Giuliani is making preparations to run. Of course, he can reverse course at any time.

His problem with social conservatives, his personal life, his controversial tenure as mayor and his temperament may become issues. But he also has formidable strengths.

Blogger Glenn said...

It's too early to get to worked up about the '08 race, but I think Giuliani would be a strong candidate. It would interesting just to see him work through the social issues. I can see supporting Rudy even though I disagree with him on some social issues. It's fun speculating.

Anonymous bubba said...

I think Giuliani can win, too, and I would support him, because he is right on all the important issues we need to face. Although I would support McCain, I think he has many more liabilities than Rudy, and I'm not sure he has his priorities as straight as Guiliani on most of the issues.

As far as temperment, McCain has no advantage over Guiliani there, too.

Blogger Glenn said...

Bubba I agree with you on temperament. I believe in a tight Giuliani/McCain race, the latter would be more likely to blow his top.


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