Friday, June 02, 2006

Loving hockey in June

I still don't understand much about hockey, but that had to be a hell of a game last night between Carolina and Buffalo. The Canes get another shot at the Stanley Cup, but the Sabres made them earn every bit of the trip. It may be the most unknown of the major professional sports, but a major league trophy coming to NC would be big news. I hope it happens.

The championship match up between Carolina and Edmonton will be the first between two clubs from the former World Hockey Association. The WHA burst onto the scene in 1971 and lured away top talent from the NHL by offering players more money than the senior league. The ultimate coup being the signing of Bobby Hull in 1972 by the Winnipeg Jets. The league folded after the 1979 season. Four WHA teams, Edmonton, the Hartford Whalers (now the Hurricanes), the Quebec Nordiques and Winnipeg joined the NHL. Edmonton went on to win the Stanley Cup five out of seven years from 1984-1990. The Nordiques relocated to Colorado and became the Avalanche. The Avs have taken home two cups. Winnipeg is now the Phoenix Coyotes.

BTW: Here's the most stirring rendition of the Canadian national anthem I've heard. Before game five of Edmonton's series against Anaheim, the So Cal fans booed "Oh Canada." Watch the video to see the Edmonton response.


Anonymous David Boyd said...

That's awesome Glenn. Class, baby.

Blogger Glenn said...

I hope to see more of that Canada.


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