Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Marine says song a joke

A Marine stationed at Camp Lejuene explained that a play on the lyrics of a song from the movie "Team America" led him to compose a tune called "Hadji Girl" that was videotaped and eventually posted on the internet.

The episode has landed Cpl. Joshua Belile, 23, in what may be the latest flap from Iraq. The Council on American and Islamic Relations (CAIR) posted an email it sent the Marine Corps complaining that the video was offensive and insensitive.

The song tells of a Marine who meets an Iraqi girl who takes him to her house. Upon entering, her father and brother are waiting with AK-47s. They start shooting. The Marine hits the floor in time, but the girl is shot and killed. Then the girl's sister appears. The Marine grabs and puts her in front of him. Once again, father and son kill the girl, but the Marine survives to kill the men. Some of the lyrics are explicit in their description of violence. Here's the video. The Marine Corps has issued a statement giving Belile a bad review and condemning his actions.

Belile tells his side of the story:

"This is in no way, shape or form related to the events that happened at Haditha,” he said. “The song was written long before the events happened. The song reflects nobody’s viewpoint. It’s completely made up, it’s completely fictional.

“I think it was a joke that is trying to be taken seriously,” he said. “I think it’s a joke, and anybody who tries to take it seriously knows it’s a joke. People can’t just laugh at it and let it go.”

Belile is a member of a the Jacksonville band Sweater Kittenz, which has a performance scheduled this weekend. Belile said he will not perform his tune then or ever again.

If you want to criticize Belile for poor taste and poor judgment, that would be fair game. His actions should be addressed, but it would be hard to justify harsh punishment. Just remember the moments of your own youth. I do. Some of my acts of poor judgment went unnoticed. On the ones where I was called on it, I'm sure it help make me a better man.

However, for those who want to use this as another way to point to the failure of the war in Iraq, you may have a hard time finding a foothold on firm ground. Marines yukking it up with dark humor is a far cry from a bunch of trigger happy stressed out killers on the verge of snapping because they're trapped in a hopeless quagmire.



Anonymous Brent said...

Have they never seen Platoon? It's war humor. Let it go.

Blogger Glenn said...

I hope the USMC doesn't decide to scapegoat Beliles just to throw a scrap to the PC crowd.


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