Monday, June 26, 2006

NC Dems hope national issues bring out their local voters

North Carolina Democrats closed their state convention in High Point over the weekend confident that national issues such as the war in Iraq and the Jack Abramoff scandal will motivate their voters to help the party regain a majority in the state's congressional delegation. The GOP currently enjoys a 7-6 advantage in the state's US House delegation. Democrats believe Republican incumbents Charles Taylor and Robin Hayes are vulnerable. A loss by either combined with the Democrats holding what they already have would do the trick.

Some pro-life delegates to the convention left disappointed. An amendment which would have deleted language supporting state-funded abortions for poor women and the availibility of emergency contraception while still supporting a woman's right to choose was defeated in a voice vote.

The N&O also reports that convention did not discuss NC House Speaker Jim Black's troubles and Gov. Mike Easley stayed away. I guess that state helicopter is incapable of navigating westward.

It's hard to say how national trends will benefit or hurt the Democrats. At the state level, NC Republicans have historically fallen short in gaining control of the NC General Assembly, despite the best efforts of their Democratic rivals.


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