Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Riding the championship bandwagon

Loved riding that Carolina Hurricanes bandwagon all the way to the Stanley Cup.

The N&O's Ned Barnett paints the Cup victory as a tribute to the Canes teamwork.

The Carolina victory sends the News and Record's Ed Hardin down Tobacco Road hockey memory lane.

Off Wing Opinion, a Canadian hockey blog, has all kinds of links surrounding the Canes' celebration on ice, including this video clip giving you some idea of how loudly the fans in the RBC Center expressed their joy.

OWO links to the Acid Queen, but I had to single out her celebration late into Monday night.

Sam Hieb has a post on the Canes' stolen goal. Bubba provides a dead-on picture in the comments.

The American Hockey Fan praises Carolina and its new school style of play.

Life is good in the state of champions.

Update: Eric McErlain emails to remind me that he blogs from Reston, VA, not Canada. Thanks for the correction and good material.


Blogger Joe Guarino said...

Utterly cool. We waited literally decades for the Rangers to snag the title. The Hurricanes did it within several years of arriving.

Blogger bubba said...

Makes up for those miserable days in the Greensboro Coliseum with all of a thousand people in the stands, and much of the upper deck closed off.

Blogger Glenn said...

Joe, it's almost like instant gratification. I have to tip my hat to the Canes.

Bubba, watching on NBC I could tell it was raucus crowd at the RBC, but the video clip makes it sound like a great party. Good photo link on Sam's blog.


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