Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Some on left still hold out hope for Iraq's My Lai moment

Despite an LA Times report that the general in charge of investigating the investigation of the killing of 24 civilians in Haditha by US Marines has said no cover up occurred, some still insist on comparing the incident to My Lai.

John R. MacArthur calls Haditha the Marines My Lai moment and surmises that Haditha moments take place all over Iraq and American History:

Indeed, it may be inaccurate even to call the Haditha massacre an atrocity. As Phillip Knightley wrote, in his essential book on war reporting, "The First Casualty," My Lai was nothing special, "at least, if it is argued that an atrocity is taken to be something freakish, something quite apart from the normal events coming before and after it. My Lai, on the contrary, was an unusually pure example of the nature of the war in Vietnam, and departed little _ if at all _ from common American practice."

Deepak Chopra has visions of My Lai in Mesopotamia too and no matter what the investigation concludes it will be a cover up:

There's shock in the aftermath of the revelations about Haditha and the My Lai-like rampage that apparently occurred there. Millions of Americans are too young to remember My Lai, but this scandal seems to be following the same path. Heartrending photos of butchered brown people appear. Then we hear rumblings about a cover up, countered by reassurances that a few soldiers under intense pressure briefly lost control. The promise of a full investigation rings hollow; we know the military instinctively protect their own, and much of the public believes they should.

Rhonda Chriss Lokeman admires the political courage of John Murtha, who called Haditha cold-blooded murder:

The former Marine recently condemned alleged atrocities committed by Marines in Haditha and suggested a possible cover-up of the massacre last November.

"They killed innocent civilians in cold blood," Murtha said.

Lokeman manages praise for the guts of Bobby Byrd too.

An investigation not completed, but it seems that some on the left hold out hope for a true Haditha Massacre. Very open-minded indeed.


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