Monday, June 12, 2006

Steelers fans react to Roethlisberger accident

Just read a transcript of an online chat Pittsbugh Post-Gazette sportswriter Jerry Micco had with Steelers fans on the condition of Ben Roethlisberger following his motocycle accident this morning.

Some fans were cutting Big Ben no slack even as he lay in surgery:

SouthernSteel: Unbelievable... how can someone who the franchise depends on be so irresponsible? Maybe now hillbilly boy from NW Ohio can think about wearing a darn helmet. Thank god for the Steelers that he should be fine after the short-term. He could have easily been killed.

Others were concerned who will start at QB if Roethlisberger is not ready to go this fall:

JeorgeD: What are Steelers options for quarterback, I know it's too early. But are we going to have to look for a possible trade?

Others had the big picture in mind:

Rick_: I can't believe Ben was in a bad accident and people are talking about contracts and legislation. How about we just hope he will be ok?

I'm not a Steelers fan, but I do like Roethlisberger. He impressed me when saw a few Miami of Ohio games on ESPN a few years ago. I hope he's back a full strength when the Steelers come to Charlotte in December.


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