Monday, July 17, 2006

Diamond perusals; Northside Chicago meltdown continues

I didn't watch much baseball over the weekend, but it reads like an interesting one.

I watched a little of the Cubs and Mets. Chicago was cruising 5-0 when I went to the backyard to do a little reading. I came back in and the Mets had cut the lead to 5-2. I took the dog for a walk and got back just in time to watch David Wright belt a two-run homer to make it 13-5 Mets. To top it off, I find out Wright's blast put the finishing touches on an 11-run inning that included two grand slams. A wind blowing out in Wrigley combined with the current Cubs' pitching staff can lead to those results. It sounded like the Cubs' fans were in a mood to riot if baseball etiquette allowed such things. With only the Royals and Pirates separating the Cubs from baseball's worst record, it's hard seeing Dusty Baker in the saddle too much longer. As much as it pains me to say it (Part I), you've got to tip your hat to the Mets. Strong teams win games like this when they fall behind a weak team.

I didn't get to watch any Braves ball, but I'm pleased with the three game sweep of the West-leading Padres. Atlanta went double figures in runs in all three tilts. Despite, the sweep, no encouraging words on the pitching. One win was a 15-12 slugfest. My immediate goal is for the Braves to reach .500 and stay in that neighborhood. At the moment, post-season hopes may be quixotic, but, when they match up, I hope the Braves can put a hurting on teams still in the hunt.

I know Sam Hieb has to feel good about the Redlegs four-game sweep of the Rockies. They needed it because the Cards took all four from the Dodgers.

As much as it pains me to say it (Part II), never count out the Yanks, who swept the powerful defending world champ Chisox. NYY sits only a half-game behind the Bosox. The series may serve as something of a wake-up call for the Chisox, who may have to play even better ball to snag a wild-card berth, providing they don't catch the Tigers, who took three of four from the lowly Royals.

Keep playing ball.


Blogger Joe Guarino said...

I am going to be in New York in late October for a continuing education meeting. Perhaps I should place myself in queue for some tickets? (but it would be cold for baseball!).

Blogger Glenn said...

Be sure to take your warm coat, a good sweater, hat and gloves. It should be a blast.

Blogger sam's notes said...

I saw the top of the ninth in the basement Sunday afternoon and I thought to myself, no way. Incredible. I know a couple of people who very bummed right now........

Blogger Glenn said...

The Cubs can't shake the Bartman episode.


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