Saturday, July 01, 2006

Do I look like a Peckerwood Peasant to you?

I don't read Daily Kos that often, but a buddy of mine alerted me to a recent post on the South by diarist edencho, who, with a mental acuity rivaling that of Jethro Bodine , launches into a hate-filled diatribe against conservative southerners.

Here's the condensed version: the South is populated by Peckerwood Peasants still fuming from the abolition of slavery, who do all their shopping at Wal-Mart and display Confederate flags all over the place. These hapless fools serve as the foot soldiers of the country club Republicans who use their power to manipulate the stupid oafs who vote them into office.

Besides showing an utter lack of appreciation for the nuance and contradiction that is southern history, edencho shows a knack for fantasy writing. Edencho relies on the most bigoted stereotypes to describe the south. While there are no doubt many of the types edencho describes around us, I doubt their power as a voting bloc. I've been voting in NC since 1980 and I don't recall encountering too many Peckerwood Peasants at the polls. Maybe I just go at the wrong times.

Edencho also taunts the spirit of Ronnie van Zandt with this choice observation:

... and recent data showed that Alabama was the fastest growing state in America....regarding waistlines that is! A 2005 study of CDC data found that a whopping 27.7 percent of the population (well above the national average) the Yellowhammer state gives a new meaning to crimson tide: the gallons of ketchup that the lard ass peckerwoods pour over their buckets of deep-fried food. Not surprisingly fellow peckerwood meccas Mississippi, Louisiana and Tennessee were among the runners up as national repositories for the obese.

I'm laughing too hard to get mad at edencho. Instead, I'm grateful for being reminded that willful ignorance and bigotry don't stop at regional lines. Edencho, a southern man don't need you around any how, but thanks for the enlightenment.


Blogger Yasser said...

some people just like to create controversies or make stupid generalizations in their articles; there is nothing you can do about that.

Blogger bubba said...

Maybe edencho could write a song about Alabama, like old Neil did. Than someone would be sure to channel Ronnie's reply.

Blogger Glenn said...

I don't know if edencho could loosen up enough to make music. I do enjoy the comedy.

Yasser, thanks for the reply. Believe me, edencho did not get a rise in my blood pressure. It probably dropped because of the laugh.

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