Monday, July 10, 2006

The menu: midsummer reflections in the backyard II

In the previous post, I mentioned my weekend cookout. At first, I wanted to describe what went on the grill, but I changed my mind, believing the menu deserved an exclusive mention.

With peppers all over the place, I decided I needed to cook with them. I found a London broil at Southern Family Market. I bought 2 1/2 pound roast for $5. I came home and cut it into eight sections. I took five of them and coated them with Valentina hot sauce. I then cut up a few pepper over it and put it in the fridge to marinated. Realizing that everyone my not have my appreciation for hot food, I marinated three sections in Worcestershire sauce.

After firing up the grill, I put six ears of silver queen, de-silked, but still in the husk, around the edge. I also picked up a trick from a buddy of mine. I took an onion and rubbed it over the grill, it's supposed to help prevent sticking, and left it to the side to steam up. I then took the roast sections and seared them in the iron skillet. After the searing, I placed them in foil and cut up plenty of pepper, onion and tomato over the top. I wrapped them up and on the grill they went. I also had a green tomato that fell off the vine early. I cut the top and bottom off, salted it and off it went to the grill's edge.

As we waited for the main course to cook, I looked around and saw a big bowl of peaches, more than I would eat. A new idea born. I peeled a few, don't try to take out the pit, and onto the grill they went. Continuing to look around, I still saw a bunch of peppers. Out came the knife again and sliced peppers to the grill.

The corn stayed on the grill for at least an hour. Except for the very top, the ears stayed moist and sweet. I wanted the beef cooked medium, but it came out medium well, no damage done though. The onion worked well and the result of the green tomato will keep some of my crop from ripening this summer. The peaches were great. I guess the sugar carmalized. Next time, I need to have ice cream or whipped cream on hand.

The weekend feast continued Sunday. I went to visit my parents in Statesville and the dinner table spread did not disappoint. A tender pork loin complemented with green beans, with a few October beans thrown in, corn, canteloupe, tomatoes, mashed potatoes, all fresh. For desert, fresh peaches and ice cream over pound cake. I brought a few leftovers home too.

I still have a good bit of the peppers and onions from the grill. Along with the leftovers I'm mulling over my next meal. I've already used the green beans and corn mixed with a little of the pepper and onions. It made a nice summer vegetable soup. Tonight, I'm thinking of cutting pork loin over the pepper and onions and re-heating them in the skillet. Right now I'm contemplating putting them over rice. We'll see how strong the appetite is this evening.

Keep the charcoal lit.


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