Thursday, July 13, 2006

That boat was rockin' at taxpayers expense

NC government officials seem to be scrambling to explain how a state-owned ferry was used for partying officials while paying customers were left to simmer in the sun over Independence Day weekend:

The DOT wouldn't say who approved the ferry's use, but said the governor had requested an inquiry.The News & Observer reported that the ferry Floyd Lupton was used for a cruise for about 200 state and local officials, who munched seafood and sipped beer and wine while listening to a steel drum band.

The two-hour cruise gave the officials an up-close view of sailing vessels at Morehead City and Beaufort while thousands of other people who paid for tickets stood in long, hot lines.

It wasn't cheap either:

Taxpayers paid $2,800 for fuel and staffing on the ferry. The band cost the port authority $1,200 and the catering bill hadn't arrived. Alcohol was provided by economic development agencies.

BTW: Why doesn't the News and Record do some original reporting on this story?


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