Monday, August 28, 2006

Angry crowd jeers Anan in south Beirut

UN chief Kofi Annan only got 50 yards into his walk through a Hezbollah-friendly neighborhood in south Beirut before he got back into his car. There's a good chance that he got a view of Islamofascist propaganda in the Dahiya neighborhood too:

Annan was booed by residents as he toured the devastated Dahiyeh neighborhood in the Hezbollah stronghold of south Beirut. He was greeted by giant posters with photographs of Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah and one that had a caricature of Secretary of State
Condoleezza Rice with vampire's teeth and blood dripping from the mouth.

The U.N. chief, accompanied by Saniora and a Hezbollah legislator, walked for about 50 yards before the protest became noisy and unfriendly. Annan got back into a car, which drove slowly through the assembled residents with security men running alongside.

Geir Pedersen, Annan's personal representative, was pushed into another car in the motorcade by a bodyguard after some in the crowd mistook him for Jeffrey Feltman, the U.S. ambassador to Lebanon.

If you give the article only a quick skim you might miss this bit of information because it doesn't appear until the AP article's eighth paragraph. The lead information is newsworthy, but I don't think it's nearly significant as the chief of the UN having to retreat to his vehicle as he tours a side of town in Beirut that certainly doesn't appreciate his efforts at achieving long-lasting Middle East peace.

Another interesting item buried near the end of the story concerns a glitch in Turkey's participation in the UN's Lebanon force. Turkey is ready to go. Earlier, Israel indicated it would not accept a predominantly Muslim country in the force if it did not recognize the Jewish state's right to exist. Turkey is an exception in that it recognizes Israel and both countries have had historically friendly realtions with each other. The objections to the Turks comes from Lebanon's Armenian minority, which wants Turkey to admit to committing genocide against its ancestors in the early 20th century.

BTW: I'm not totally sold on the term Islamofascist, but anybody who displays a poster of arguably the world's most powerful black woman portraying her as a vampire is carrying the tradition of Nazi/Fascist propaganda to a new level. Just look at some these from the Nazi-era German publication Die Brennessel. Especially this and this.


Blogger Joe Guarino said...

One wonders whether this could possibly be a wake-up call for Annan. He has been doing everything he possible can to play into the hands of Israel's opponents, and they still jeer him.

Blogger Glenn said...

I don't know if anything will wake him up. I don't have much confidence this will.

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