Monday, August 07, 2006

Sportsmen oppose drilling in Wyoming; the Triple Crown angle

Some Wyoming hunting outfitters are opposing a plan for energy development on the state's range land. Outfitters such as Justin Child depend on the land for their livelihoods and have joined in an unlikely alliance with environmentalists on this issue:

Child doesn't look like an environmentalist. He doesn't wear Birkenstocks, tie-dye shirts or a peace sign tied around his neck with a length of hemp rope. He looks and talks more like a rancher, with a cowboy hat and a weathered face. Child doesn't really act like an environmentalist either. Instead of ambushing mink coats with cans of spray paint, Child makes a living leading hunters into the woods to kill elk, deer, moose, antelope and mountain lions.

It is an interesting story, but I'll to admit the lead describing the horse the reporter rode while covering the story is what sucked me in:

At nearly 10,000 feet in the Wyoming Range, I'm riding Secretariat's love child -- or rather, love descendant -- Boots. The amorous Triple Crown winner apparently hopped a fence to pursue Boots' grandmother or great-grandmother, who despite her unremarkable breeding still swayed the oversized heart of the world's most famous racehorse.