Tuesday, August 22, 2006

That other guy in the Connecticut senate race

I just caught a Chris Matthew's Harball interview with Connectitcut GOP US Senate nominee Alan Schlesinger. Matthews kept goading him to chunk a barb at the Repub establishment for its backing of Joe Lieberman against Ned Lamont. Schlesinger actually offered up a solid argument on the thinking of the mainstream of his party. While claiming he's a sacrifical lamb, Schlesinger said he doesn't take the snubbing personally. He believes that Republican hopes lie in a Lieberman victory as a sign that the "looney liberal" Democrats will not play well at all with the general population. He says the rub is that they want to do the job with a candidate who is only "half a step away" from Ned Lamont politically.

That's the second Matthews/Schlesinger interview I've heard. During the first one, Matthews continued needling the candidate about his gambling habit. Schlesinger handled it good naturedly. I guess that's a gambler's trait.


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